My handle name is Jonney. I am a Japanese angler and living in Hyogo-Ku, Kobe-City. My home town is Shisikui-town, Tokushima, Shikoku-Island and Shishikui has so many good points for fishing on saltwater and freshwater. And I have started fishing since 3 years old in Shishikui. Ifm crazy for fishing on the other hand I'm studying English and I would like to try to write this home page not Japanese but English. Let me introduce my fishing history hereafter in;

Age My fishing history
3 Began river fishing. I made a fishing rod by myself useing bamboo and went fishing with my grandfather and brother.
7 Began saltwater fishing. At the first time, I went fishing to sea with my parents and brother, and I got a big rockfish. The size is 42 cm. It is still my best record of rockfish.
13 Began lure fishing at river. I went fishing with my friends to get trout by useing a spinner lure.
19-22 Reserved fishing. Since I was crazy for motor sports in my school days.
23 Restart fishing with my friends.
25 Began saltwater lure fishing. I went fishing to Yasuda river in Shikoku and I got a sea bass "35 cm". It was my first experience to get sea bass by useing lure.
30 I fished yellow tails at Toyahama, Kobe.
Now I'm enjoying several kinds of fishing in every weekend.

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